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Return values

[eluser]Derek Allard[/eluser]
Thanks for your input Aethedor.

Regarding the forums, are you leaving the window open for a long time before submitting? Its possible your session is simply expiring. If not, is there a chance you are behind a rolling or rotating proxy that is changing your IP?

No, session does not expire (don't have to login again) and I'm browsing from 1 single IP (ADSL connection).

And there it happend again. Previous post was via Fast Reply, worked fine. The post before this one (which was send in oblivion) was via Post Reply.

[eluser]Derek Allard[/eluser]
Are you leaving the window open for a long time was perhaps too vague. Let me be more specific - how long are you leaving the page open before you submit? That is to say, from the time the page is loaded, until the time you press "submit post"? My suspicion is that this is the cause.

Trying again (sorry for spamming).


Hmm, it also happens via Fast Reply.

I don't know why it sometimes fails, it seems random. But for every succesfull submit I did in the last few minutes, I had about the same amount of failures.

let's see if edit also fails sometimes.

seems also buggy. I added a line (entered 'seems oke'), but after I pressed Update Post, I saw the textarea+message again but without the change.

To answer your previous question: not long. About 10 - 20 seconds?

Going home now. I'll read your reply later (perhaps tonight).

I wouldn't be surprised if the post-failures-without-any-warning have something to do with incorrect return-value-checking.... Smile

Well I guess that is one way to clock up your posts count - by punching in a bunch of whinging posts that contribute nothing to anyone.
Sounds like a rails developer Tongue

For real. This is one of the most annoying series of forum posts I've ever seen on here.

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