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Auto Rename Files

I have a pretty simple request; though I can't seem to find any examples anywhere on the web. I'm hoping someone here knows of a simple and hopefully fast solution. I can't think of the exact words to describe this (probably aiding my difficulty in finding a solution), so my examples are below.

What I want to do is rename a file (string) automatically if a file with the same name already exists. I know I could simply just append a random number to the beginning or end of te file name and iterate until no conflict is found - simple enough, but I need a slightly better solution for aesthetic purposes.

What I want to do is similar to how Mac OS X (and Windows?) handles duplicate file names.

For example: if you duplicate a file "untitled1.jpg", it creates a file "untitled2.jpg".
If you duplicate a file "untitled3_o.jpg", it creates a file "untitled3_o2.jpg".
If you duplicate a file "untitled456_as2_a2315.jpg", it creates a file "untitled456_as2_a2316.jpg"...
...and so on...

I just can't seem to wrap my head around this. The closest I've gotten is with preg_replace(). It works to a degree, but craps out under certain conditions. Does anybody know of a simple function for this? Is there a technical term for this? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

not sure if this applies in your particular situation, but the file uploading class includes a config var ('overwrite') that takes care of these situations. see the manual for more deets.

in any case, take a look thru the file uploading library, since the file-renaming code you want is in there.

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