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Google Website Optimizer and CodeIgniter

[eluser]Andreas Krohn[/eluser]
I want to use Google Website Optimizer to do A/B and multivariable tests on one of my sites in order to improve clickthroughs etc. To be able to do a test in website optimizer I need to define a conversion page, ie the goal page I want people to go to. This page has to be an existing web page and can not be defined by a regular expression. Unfourtunatly the goal page is on the format domain.com/redirect/XYZ, where XYZ is a variable that tells my system where to redirect my users to. That means that I really need the pattern domain.com/redirect/.* for my conversion page, but as I just mentioned this is not supported by website optimizer.

My options as I see are:
- to start using GET parameters, ie domain.com/redirect.html?target=XYZ, which is frowned upon by CodeIgniter.
- to reach the redirect page via a form submitt and set XYZ in a POST parameter, damn complicated since this would require changes in a lot of places in my system
- using a cookie to set/get XYZ
- or to not use Google Website Optimizer and live with pathetic click through rates

Have anyone used CodeIgniter and Website Optimizer together and can share the experience?
Does somebody smarter than me have some other idea of how I can solve this?

What if rather than doing a redirect, you use Curl or something like that to pull what would be the redirected page into what appears to be the same url?

This may not be the answer you're looking for but its a thought on the whole process.

[eluser]Andreas Krohn[/eluser]
I am looking for any answer I can get, so thanks for the idea. The problem with the curl idea is that I want to use Google Analytics on my redirect page to get proper statistics on what user acctually clicked through on my links. It seems like I am overdosing on Google stuff here...

But if the user id was in a url segment you would have a way to make a distinction, no?

[eluser]Andreas Krohn[/eluser]
Yes, in the URL domain.com/redirect/XYZ the last part "XYZ" specifies where to redirect the user. On the view "redirect" I have some Google Analytics code.

Leaning towards implementing a form submit with XYZ specified in a POST parameter after all. Some work, but I cant think of a better solution.

I'm curious to know if you've ever worked this out. I'm in the process of building a new site with CI, and I'm going to want to use GWO on this project. Any notes you can share from your experience?

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