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reCAPTCHA helper and validation function (easy-to-use captcha)

[quote author="milka5000" date="1232832867"]Hi,
Instead, I get the same message "This reCAPTCHA key isn't authorized for the given domain. More info"

Maybe you are using a key registered for specific domain name. If you want to use a key for multiple domain names you must create a new key that's global. The global key can be used on multiple domain names Smile

Why can't I make it work ?

I have the reCaptcha displayed well in my page, but as soon as i click on the box i am redirected to the home page!
Please help me I have my problem explained here :

[eluser]Damsel In reCAPTCHA Distress (plz help!)[/eluser]
Damsel In reCaptcha Distress! Constructive Advice Sought

I have no idea what reCaptcha is about yet when I try to post or reply to certain ads on Craigslist that require typing the verification words into the box, no words or box pops up, just "Continue" which is supposed to pop up AFTER you type in the verification words. That's when "reCaptcha Undefined" error messages pop up. This has gone on for well over a month. Going into CL's peanut gallery discussion help forum has been futile (guesswork) at best. I have exhausted every measure that was suggested to me ie trying different browsers, downloading Firefox, resetting the Default settings in Internet options etc etc. People have even suggested scripting errors without offering any solutions. Ouff. I've even tried researching the net to try to find out what may be causing the problem and how to remedy it. Again, futility. The following is one of several different error messages: "'pID' is Undefined Line:3 postings.js Char:30 Code:0
URi: http//www.craigslist.org/js/postings.js" The one that comes up the most is the "reCaptcha Undefined". Can anyone plz explain what is going on and walk me through how to remedy it? Plz send any responses to [email protected] Thank you.

Hello guys,

I'm newbie in php/CI, could you please help me to understand how should I show reCAPTCHA in the view?

I have tried to add reCAPTCHA into the view as described in this topic, and here: http://code.google.com/intl/ru-RU/apis/r...s/php.html

But reCAPTCHA always shown in the left top corner of the page, I suggest the issue is that <? ?> instructions are being processed with first priority and result is attached into the start of the response stream. But I do not understand how other guys placing reCAPTCHA into the any custom place of the view. Please help :`(

I'm using reCAPTCHA as described in this topic, not ajax.

Thanks in advance.

Please help. I have understood, that php code runs first and all html attached to the end of result of php.

How can I insert php generated html into the place holder in the CI template?

I've been using the code you gave in this forum, but I still don't understand why not display anything in my Smarty template? How to use the recaptcha in CI (2.0.2) + Smarty (3.0.7), Thank you in advance.

I got the same problem. I'm still trying to figure out how to configure the recaptcha correctly.



how can we multiple use recaptcha in same page?


I followed your instruction as you said,
But i got problem..
Call to undefined method CI_Form_validation::CI_Form_validation() in C:\xampp\htdocs\zippyaccount\system\libraries

\MY_Form_validation.php on line 6"

where i use "class MY_Form_validation extends CI_Form_validation {

function MY_Form_validation() {

Actually i am using codeigniter 2.1.2.

Please help me...

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