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file download tracker helper/plugin ???

Good morning folks,

hope all are well.

I am extremely excited that I have now three downloadable files on my codeigniter driven web site available and can't help myself to check every 5 minutes through the apache access.log file how many people have already downloaded a file. Being occupied with closely looking at my google analytics pages also I was wandering if there is an easy way to make the tracking of the number of downloaded files more convenient. How would I go about to collect this information on the fly. I checked but I haven't really found something in the forum here.

Thanks in advance


I need a file download tracker implementation which is able to handle huge amounts downloaded files. Within only four days I have already 11 downloads!!!!

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
Could you not have a database table that adds an entry just before sending off the download?

Hi Colin,

thanks a lot for the reply.

What I do at the moment is just linking directly to the respective files, not through a codeigniter handled url.

I am bloody new to codeigniter - is this (also in general) not the way to go?

Any suggestions regarding this highly appreciated



the links are here

Google Analytics now has little bits of javascript that you can attach to your download links and it sends in the hit to Analytics. Just go to the Analytics site and look around for more info on those kinds of links.

Edit: I went and looked it up for you...here

That would probably be the easiest way (no programming, no CI).

Hi Esweb,

brilliant, thank you so much for that hint.



Hi all,

just discovered that there is also a way to track clicks on outbound links as well - the next thing I would have looked for. If you have the same need, just follow the link provided by Esweb and see the list of recommended articles on the right.

Once more Esweb thank you so much for the hint and in particular for even looking up where to find it at google. Extremely kind, highly appreciated



You're welcome.

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