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quick help about CI beginning steps

Hey, I need some quick help about installing CI and beginning steps.

I am currently working on a series of websites coded with CodeIgniter. I want to set up another website which is similar, but with different design and using a different database. I am planning to use the code which exists for the current websites and just edit what I need to for building this next one.

Will it work to simply copy and paste the directory on the other sites and edit what I need to, or will I need to install CI first? Please let me know and it'd be great to have any tips you may have.

Thank you!

"installing" CI and "copy/paste" is pretty much the same thing no?

Why don't you try it and see what happens!?

This is what I do/did for my second web site.

Install CI into htdocs

go into the config folder and rename config.php to config-base.php

Copy the application folder from the old site/dev system to the new site

copy the config file from the old site and put it in the new site config folder.

compare the config.php to config-base.php and edit any values that are site specific (e.g. site name, default controller etc.)

you may need to do the same with the database config file.

Test that the new site works in the same way as the old one then delete/remove/rename any helpers, controllers, models and views that you don't need.

If the original site was written correctly then there should be no values hard coded in these elements, anything that is required should be in the database or the config.

WARNING!! Your old sites are probably on 1.6.3 or even a flavour of 1.5 If you install 1.7.1 there may be things that don't work exactly the same.

Awesome, this is a great answer. Thanks for your help Smile

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