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payment module using paypal

Hi guys

I have written out the steps that I think need to take place in the logical flow.

1. Build the Main Form
2. Validate the Form Data upon Submission
3. Transfer the user to PayPal with the PayPal_lib
4. Client fills out payment details on PayPal’s site
5. Client is transferred to a confirmation page
6. I receive the IPN confirmation from PayPal
7. Details [edit]from the original form[/edit] are posted to the DB and emailed to the Client and myself

Is there anything that I am missing for this?

Can any one please explain the flow of payment

Thanks in advance!

it looks nice to me.. anyways I don't know much about this.

Inbetween stage 2 and 3 i would input the data into the database and i would simply set the order to not published. Then from the IPN response i would simply set the order to be published.

I believe there is already an IPN module on the wiki. http://codeigniter.com/wiki/PayPal_Lib/

I think he already knows that as in his original post he mentions "PayPal_lib"

What audiopleb stated is the best way to go. On successful form completion you add the record to the database.

When you get the success IPN back you switch the record to "active" or whatever from "pending".

What I normally do is add a "custom" variable to the IPN button code that i send over. This can hold the user ID # or their e-mail address they typed in.

Problem i'm having now is as paypal has switched up their button code (hosted, encrypted) they're having issues with that custom field being sent back with the IPN values.

It works fine on un-encrypted, not hosted (old school) way.

Anyone else have experience with the IPN process?

Its not good to rely on the e-mail address sent back from the IPN data because many times the e-mail
address a visitor enters on a form is different from what their paypal e-mail address / account is.

I think the best problem to your paypal solution is to stop using paypal as they are really really really crap. I can't stand em.

I keep hearing that paypal is crap, but I have trouble finding out the details on why. Can someone post some info or a link that details why paypal should be avoided?

Yes I will also like to know why is so bad, and what would be a good replacement for it : )

PayPal while some people just hate it (not sure i ever heard a good reason) is a pretty nice service and customers trust them. I have a merchant account of my own and accept credit card payments. With that I would say 35% to 40% choose paypal instead.

If i did not accept it I would probably see a decrease in sales.

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