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Using .htaccess to remove index.php (yes another one)

I think I know the root of the problem. It seems that my mod_rewrite is not enabled. I tried phpinfo() and could not locate mod_rewrite.

After some tests, I realized something very strange about my Apache and httpd.conf. The changes I make to httpd.conf seems to have no effect on Apache at all (even after restarting Apache, and yes I've also tried stopping it and starting it instead of just pressing restart). I even tried to delete all contents inside httpd.conf (but still leaving the file there, just the contents blank) and then restarting Apache, and it seem to not have done anything. However, deleting httpd.conf does give me an error when restarting Apache. This is extremely odd. It'd be great if someone can help. Thanks.

mod_rewrite isn't part oh php so you shouldn't see it under phpinfo().

I'm pretty sure that Apache can run with default settings but it must be able to load the file

Imagine you relay on some security settings in httpd.conf and Apache is unable to read the file. It would just run without those security settings, leaving you without the security you need...

There's a section in phpinfo() that shows Apache loaded modules

I forgot about the apache2handler section because it's hidden on some servers. I think cPanel hides if I'm not mistaken :-)

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