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Load Flex 3 Application from CodeIgniter Web Server


Anybody know how load a Flex 3 Application how home page in Web Server (Hosting) with CodeIgniter active

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
I don't even know how to parse that sentence. What problems have you experienced thus far?

I make Flex 3 application and I need install this in Web Server with CodeIgniter administrator, I never work with CodeIgniter, so, I search and understand models, views and load features from this type of servers.

My problem is: I try create a view for load my flex application how home page, this type of server have different structure of directories and flex wrapper for load swf file not work in this type of server. I create php script for load view of application, but not show in screen, nothing error!.

I need simple example how to make my work ok.

Building an application generates a .swf file that you need to use.
CI has nothing to do with it, use swfobject for displaying it.

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
Yeah. I would venture to guess that if you right-clicked where the SWF should be, you get a "Movie Not Loaded..." message in the contextual menu. This means you pointed at the wrong file. Which means you probably have the path wrong. Which is apparently a terribly difficult concept to grasp, at least around these parts.

If application/Flex is application folder for CodeIgniter, where put de swf file to load. I put in webroot, application, application/Flex, but not loaded!

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
I can't help but read your posts in a John Madden voice... Anyway, try accessing the file directly through the URI, not via a reference in the HTML. If the server isn't serving up the file at the URI you expect it to, then it likely means your server has been configured to work altogether differently. Just follow it through and figure out where the break down is.

You are right, the server not allow load reference files with browser, not possible debug file location or results of load from browser.

Thanks for all

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