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Would Protoype and CI be slow?

[eluser]Nick Husher[/eluser]
What I mean is that if you go with jQuery or one of the other lightweight frameworks, you have less extensibility than YUI. Often, if you're trying to use a piece of code someone else wrote, you're stuck with how it works. You can modify their core files, but that can be problematic. Or you can put up with the problems with the imported code. Or you can write your own.

YUI's core libraries (and most of the major contributions) are massively exensible. You can layer your own desires and behaviors on top of the existing code very easily and you can take advantage of a lot of their "Provider" objects very easily.

I'm not sure I know in what sense of 'slow' you mean regarding YUI. As I said, YUI tends to be a bigger burden on your pipe, although there are plenty of ways to mitigate that (gzip compression, file minimization, combined requests, colocation, etc). For execution time, YUI is probably a little slower overall than jQuery, but most users won't notice the difference.

YUI Pageweights

I see. Thanks for your reply.

I don't know if this has anything to do with YUI, but I tried the Yahoo instant search and it doesn't work on Firefox.

[eluser]Rey Philip Regis[/eluser]
I use Prototype and Scriptaculous in my projects. My advice is that use a framework that fits your project. If you dont need complex UI's and animations why use YUI just use JQuery or Prototype & Scriptaculous. Well Scriptaculous & Prototype has good 1 2 punch combinations and I know you will not be dissapointed with it. Dont overcomplicate things just because that framework is flexible and so on...Remember always that always make things simple and use the tools that fits your needs..

Good day.

Thanks for your replies. I guess I'll just go with jQuery as I don't want to sacrifice performance for complexity that I don't really require for my UI.

One HUGE point to consider that I think no one mentioned is documentation. How well documented is the framework of your choice? I almost exclusively use frameworks that are well documented... reducing guesswork is a major plus for me Wink

Now, in your experience, which one has better documentation (in form of tutorials, manuals, etc)?

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