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Hey all

I'm in the Webbynode beta and it seemed like a fun idea to put an SVN server on it, put my latest project on it. That way I could work locally (for example when I'm on the train and don't have internet access) and have the project online.

But here are a few issues:
- I want the project to be viewable online (so placed in the /var/www directory of my server). Repos are located in /var/svn/repositories. At the moment this works with an ugly crontab hack (don't ask me how, someone else set it up for me). I thought it would be possible with a symlink. The crontab executes every minute, so I gotta wait a minute before I can view changes online. Isn't it still possible with a symlink? Or maybe an auto updating svn checkout in the /var/www/project folder? dunno...
- Second problem: the config.php and database.php files. I'd like the stuff to be accessible locally too. Now I can only view the application online as the config.php and database.php files are adjusted to the stuff online. How would I manage these?

Thanks in advance for any tips!

1. Look at SVN hooks:
Similarly to CodeIgniter hooks, you're able to tell SVN to perform actions at different stages of a commit.

2. Look at svn ignore:
You're able to tell SVN to ignore certain files, so you can have a local copy which is different to the copy on your server.

Hope that helps!

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