[SOLVED,,but still is mysterious] HELP: session problems

I just came up this morning to find that I cannot login to my own application,,
most (if can't be said 'all') of the session codes in my applicaton did not working, even the simplest code like session->set_flashdata() won't work,
and it was just OK last night,,

so what can be the problem,,??

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
So, what did you change between tonight and last night? Have you looked at your error logs?

"Hello, IT... have you tried turning it off and on again?"

The IT Crowd

Can you post your login code?

i have the session class auto-loaded in my app,
then at that morning, i tried to load it again in a helper function (just curious),,
as soon as the change made, all of the CI session-setting codes seemed to be failed,,

i tried to restart the Apache server and MySQL services,
i tried to use the database-mode CI session, tried, and then changed it back,
i even tried to restart my computer,,but none worked

strange enough, this problem only happens only if i used the opera 9 browser,,
after restarted (and tried it again in the opera--only to see it failed again),
i tried running the app in netscape navigator 9, and it worked!!!
after that it worked in the opera too!!
and now i used the database-mode CI session,,

i really don't have any idea of what was happened,,
but now i can continue coding,,

thanks all,

[eluser]Creative Stasis[/eluser]
I have a developer version of safari...
I can't remember exactly what it is. It's not a nightly webkit. I'll look at it when I get on my home machine.
Anyhow, I have the same issue there. I have to use FF to login when on my personal machine. All others work no problem.

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