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cssmin: CSS Minification Library (ported from Minify)

Similar to the JSMin port I did, this is a CSS minification library ported from the awesome Minify App. Basically, I took the Minify_CSS component class and added a simple wrapper class to make it play nice with CodeIgniter.

The library expects a string and returns a string.

You load the library as normal:

Minify a string like so:
$this->cssmin->minify( file_get_contents('styles.css') );

There are two options:

Boolean flag for preserving comments. Only comments starting with /*! are preserved. Defaults to true.

String that will be prepended to all relative URIs in import/url declarations. Defaults to null.

The options can either be set globally using the config function:
$cssmin_options = array(
      'preserveComments'=> TRUE,
      'relativePath'=> 'http://www.example.com/styles/images/'


Or on individual calls to the minify function:
$this->cssmin->minify( $string, FALSE, $path );

Global settings override settings in individual calls.

Note: just like the jsmin library, cssmin is PHP5.

New version: nothing has really changed. I just updated documentation to be more accurate, and added some notes on usage.

I've used this library in a full fledged asset management library called Carabiner. Check it out!

I know this is an old post but is his library still available as the link to the zip is no longer working?
Hoping to making use of carabiner.

no one download link do not work ( Please upload library

You can get it from github.

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