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forum written with codeigniter

@neph: What makes you think you're missing something? The whole fuzzy thing?
He's trying to make his own forum now, so any time a forum appears, everyone brings it to his attention lol

ahh, ok. just wasn't sure what was up. the forum is still in the early stages of development, though what's there now does work pretty well for what i'm using it for. an older version is running at markthedark.com which seems to be working well enough, though i havent used it with a large enough user base to really test it out. so far there have been about 300 downloads of the source(unique as far as i can tell) since i posted it on the CI wiki, but no feedback yet.

I'm waiting for the next release (as I don't need it just yet), and will then give some feedback Smile

i updated the layout and some code on the live link. the rounded corners only render in FF at the moment, need to write up a work around for ie.

I'm not sure what your updates done, but the UI is badly screwed :-S
I checked in Firefox3, Chrome and IE7, and they're all the same (at least its consitently screwed Wink)

looks fine for me in ie7/8 and firefox3...can you post a screenshot?

Here it is
I'm, pretty sure it looked a lot nice when I checked it yesterday, or is this the new look you're on about Tongue

Forum would only alow 800x600, so instead of scaling, i just uploaded it to imgur

hm...thats not pulling any stylesheet... go try http://chris.markup2go.com/dev/sites/che...forums.css and do a ctrl+shift+r then reload the page, or you were looking at it while i was making changes. i did find a bug in ie on the td.postBody column width, but im going to be getting rid of the tables all together, the posts view is just the last one to go.

Yeah, viewing the stylesheet and doing a refresh fixed it... But I'm not sure why it was like that with IE and Chrome, as I hadn't used them to view the site before :-S

probably from me moving the files around =P

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