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Securing download and hiding its source directory

I've finally got it working.

As mentioned in my previous post, the web player always fails my authentication (e.g. is the user/leecher logged in?). So, I make a new mechanism to view the content:

In the controller `Contents`
function view_content($content_id) {
  $random_string = random_string('alnum',32); // the challenge response code
  $data['contsrc'] = site_url('general/get_content/'.$content_id.'/'.$random_string); //content source
                                                                      // uri plus challenge response code
  $this->session->set_userdata('view_content_challenge_code', $random_string);
  $this->load->view('view_content_video'); //let's assume the currently available contents is only video

In the controller `General`
function get_content($id,$challenge) {
  $authOK = ($challenge === $this->session->userdata('view_content_challenge_code')); // does the code match?
  $this->session->unset_userdata('view_content_challenge_code'); // no second chance
  if ($authOK) {
    $contentdata = $this->ContentModel->getContentData($id);
    force_download($contentdata['full_path']); // using improved force download from Wilker
                                               // http://ellislab.com/forums/viewthread/71192/

This code works because the `General` controller is accessible by anybody.

Content link example:
Assuming the session is correct, the above code will return the content with id 5. However, the next call with the same challenge code will return nothing.

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