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Your impression of CI3 over others?

(03-20-2015, 06:46 AM)Athov Wrote: I have tried Laravel(this is not PHP for me), FuelPHP(I like this one too), Phalcon(this was fun), Yii, Symfony and countless more but CodeIgniter is the best, simple & fast, easy to extend and you can do one thing more than 10 ways
Has a good set of libraries and tons of tutorials and scripts online
And the documentation is more then good

With CodeIgniter even the sky is not the limit

Agree, CodeIgniter is the smaller, simpler and faster.
FuelPHP is very nice but they are rewriting it from scratch (it seems).
Laravel looks like holy grail but... its huge, slow... maybe for big enterprise project but not for smaller once.
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I agree with no1youknowz, I posted this in another thread but here is the short version.

I tried CakePHP, Symfony, Zend and CodeIgniter "back in the day" (when they where the big players). I decided to stay with CodeIgniter because it is fast and so easy to really wrap my head around.
Then a few years ago I decided to move our team and enterprise products to Laravel 3 for our next big update.
While I knew it would need more RAM and CPU power to run Laravel I told my company it was well worth the additional cost in hardware and in our time.
I spent a few months of my company's time and money only to read one day Stop using Laravel 3 - Laravel 4 will be MORE AWESOME and it's "right around the corner". I was floored! What was I suppose to do? Laravel 4 wasn't ready for primetime and I just waste $1,000 of dollars.
I went back to management with my tail between my legs and we switch back to CodeIgniter.

I am not sure what people mean by "CodeIgniter can't do enterprise?" I like no1youknowz have a boat load of controllers, composer packages, libraries, development workflows, servers, developers, unit tests, etc... because of it's simplicity we have no problem making it meet our needs.

I know stuff will change in v4 but I'm very optimistic the CI team will keep what makes CodeIgniter --- CodeIgniter.

no1youknowz - you and I seems to cross paths a lot in the CI world. I am really starting to enjoy your company and input!

I like cheese :o)


CI is still very backward compared to other frameworks, all things need to be done manually.
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(04-29-2015, 05:41 AM)calcio Wrote: CI is still very backward compared to other frameworks, all things need to be done manually.

It's not always a bad thing to have less magic happen and to actually have to be explicit in what you're doing. Many people actually like that about CodeIgniter. Makes it much easier to understand and debug, especially if you're jumping onto someone else's project. The more magic happening in the background, the more hoops to wade through and the higher the mental overhead of debugging when things stop working.

I like CodeIgniter because it is simple and fast with clear documentation! "Spend more time away from the computer" always is my point to keep stay with CI3 <3

(03-30-2015, 08:32 AM)riwakawd Wrote: ...
The only think I think it should have a built in HMVC frame work rather than adding third party.

exactly , i am not guru ! and have used joomla for 2 year to create sites and custom modules, but codeigniter is easy to learn, easy to use and easy to extend, laravel or others have good points but for me and our team CI is very good select,  just i wish we have HMVC and some other things in next release of CI,
CI is nice Heart

(04-29-2015, 05:41 AM)calcio Wrote: CI is still very backward compared to other frameworks, all things need to be done manually.

in some fields yes, codeigniter is not 100% perfect but i some cases it is not very bad, in my case i didn't want to use ready big auth , or use complex template and database classes , so i create them, maybe it take small time to do myself ( maybe less than learning ready to use classes) but i like it,

i agree , CI has some backward to other frameworks BUT I believe CI4 in new home and great community will be wonderful.
CI is nice Heart

(03-20-2015, 05:34 AM)frocco Wrote: Hello,

I tried Laravel, Yii to name a few, but I like how CI3 is maintaining it's simplicity in functions compared to the others.

I like Ci above all others because it is simpler and not opinionated. Personally I would chose Ci for larger projects mostly because of the latter that it makes it more flexible to do a task that suits your need and its fast too! I have used laravel 4 & 5 and Yii2. I like them too but when it comes to a large-scale site like a big social network site, I would prefer CI because of its flexibility, lightweight and speed.

ci is the most friendly framework to me.

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