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Look for Codeigniter equivalent of CakePhp Bake


Bake is code (CRUD) generator in CakePhp Framework. It generates beautiful separated and readable code: model - controller - view!

I wonder if there is something equivalent in CodeIgniter? Developped by independant CI developers for example?
I dislike existing tool like GroceryCrud which gives a pattern design code inside CodeIgniter: I want a clean HTML view and not encapsulated methods in models.

I've seen a couple around over the years, but the newest one that I've seen is Combustor. To be fair, I haven't tried it yet and don't know by the docs whether it does it like you're looking for or not, but it's worth a look.

And, to pimp my own stuff, I have one built into SprintPHP (based on CI 3) that I think does exactly what you're looking for. Only drawback (if you don't want to use Sprint as a whole) is that it's pretty built into the system and cannot be easily pulled out of it. Documentation for Sprint Forge can be found in the GitHub repo.

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Thanks kilishan for these links!

I will test your SprintPHP. Does it generate MVC for list, create, update, delete table data?

I don't like Combustor!
I don't search a scaffolding solution.

Need a generator which generates separated files for model (database access), controller and views (at least 2 files = list view and form view)!

I discover a paid tool: Ginga Crud CodeIgniter Code Generator in CodeCanyon but I don't know if it does like I am looking for.

I really think to create my own but it is not easy.

I haven't yet tested Combustor but just read guidelines.
Now, I install it and test it: I have a problem with create:model and create:controller commands which don't exist!!!

The layout directory already exists!!

Command create:controller is not defined

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