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CI and Typo3

[quote author="aeris" date="1235419115"]thank you all...

i got the idea of how to get thinks to work for me.

but what i'm still not able to figure out is f.e. how to recieve results from one of my modelfunctions or how to return the output generatet by CI to the typo plugin :-(

stoefln, can you please give me a tip?
writing extensions seems very confusing to me as i am an absolutly typo3 newbie[/quote]

what do you mean with "modelfunktions"?
the first thing you do when you want to develope an TYPO3 extension is to go to the kickstarter and generate the most basic files for the extension- have you already done that?


i think you will have to load the whole CI not just the models- you will have to instantiate CI in the TYPO3 plugin. how that is done exactly i dont know either- i would start by having a look inside CI's index.php.
another thing will be how to get TYPO3 parameters into CI. one way would be to use globals, but maybe there is a better way...


[quote author="aeris" date="1235441066"]thanks!
while searching for a way of integrating the whole CI i had the idea of using my CI-app as a xml-rcp server.
do you know if it's possible to send xml-rcp requests as a client form inside an extension?
had no really useful results on my googlesearch...

i think something like this was Mirage trying to tell me a few days ago *g*[/quote]

yeah, would be another possibility. its def. possible, however i never tried it.

Tongue I tried to get someone to do it, but was not able to as coders were very expensive for me. As a student I decided it was cheaper to learn and code myself but that would take lots of time. I have learnt patience now and written a small BOOKING ENGINE. It,s very basic but very useful if needed. And can be improved or extended.

Its was worth the learning.

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