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Advice needed

Hi i need some advice. I am building a website (my first ever!!) using Codeigniter (hurrah!!). I have found a PHP open source calendar that i want to incoroporate into my website. The calendar functionality is completey stand alone, with its own DB, functions, includes, pages, etc. I have tried to run some of its "pages" as views, but this hasnt been very successfull. Essentialy after i fixed all the relative path issues it would run but not display anything and generate no errors.
So i am at the point now of essentially rewriting it to use CI's framework i.e. move all its fiunctions over into libraries and call them from new controllers, and create new views.
So before i do this, the advice i need is, is this the best approach, should i be able to run it as a standlone app (difficult for people to comment obviously without seeing it)within the framework of CI. Ideally i dont want to re-write it, but it seems that this is the only option to get it running in my framework.

So would appreciate some advice from any body who has faced this problem before, on which approach to take. Thanks in advance.

Any chance of a link to the library? It's hard to devise an approach when you don't know the structure of the library, and how it works.


link http://www.guestcal.com/

Crikey! I wouldn't have the first idea where to begin, sorry. That's way beyond my current capabilities, although I'd be interested to hear a solution for it.

It does look complex. But a lot if it is based around support for English and German. The underlying table structure for storing dates is quite simple and is based around one table.
All i need is the entries page, which displays the calendar and allows you to enter new dates. So it really is one page view and ne table. As an application i think it has been over engineered.
Thanks for taking the time to look though.

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