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Pagination doesn't work in mssql, help please :(

Hello.. I've being looking for a solution to the pagination mssql problem, and I found at least two, but I'm not sure if they really work and what it's the best

Someone with more experience can give me a hand with that?

Thank you

Just want to clarify something for myself ...
is it a pagination problem ? or a MS-SQL problem ? or "pagination mssql problem" which I need more info about the latest one Wink


In mssql pagination doesn't work, I try the basic limit() function but it increases the amount of results instead of giving me the second, thrid, etc page...

I am not the first one with this problem that's why I thought there was no need for more details:


I'd like a good active record hack, I dont know if anyone has something new and more effective to solvent this problem

Thank you

Even if you do manual queries , will you get the same result ?

I have not tested it yet, but one of the fw aproach is to write standard code that works with several sql engines, no?

It have no sense write manual sql if they are simple queries...

Well I prefer the manual ones as long as I'm going to stick with my DB engine.
Because specially for the high load traffics I think Active Record takes a lot of resources.

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