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realtime username control

Dojo is much bigger, and in my humble opinion probably better for building single page standalone apps that require a GUI. It uses "widgets", which I've never managed to get my head around. I'm also not entirely sure if it degrades gracefully.

I haven't used jQuery either, but I get the impression it's fast, and light, and provides you with the basic tools to do almost anything.


I used Dojo once, it was too slow for I wanted and the problem was pretty simple. So I gave up using it at all.

jQuery is fast and light weight. I have not used it that much though.

I usually use spry and YUI for UI elements. and do the AJAX and the other stuff manually.

I wasn't suggesting using jQuery just to do AJAX. I was simply stating that if it were me, that's what I would do, because I tend to use jQuery for quite a few other things and already have it loaded..

[quote author="jdfwarrior" date="1235167528"]What exactly are you asking? The easiest way to do it? How to do it?

Personally, (adding on to Fuzzy0ne) I would use jQuery to submit to a Controller/Function via the $.post method, have the controller, load a Model to, call a function and check username existence, and return true or false, passed back to the controller, and then passed back to jQuery. Let jQuery perform the appropriate action at that point.

And I assume by doing it realtime, you mean as they type each character.. You would need to perform the check using the onchange or keyup event in jquery.

Hope this helps.[/quote]

I believe from the controller you would need to echo the response rather than return it while using ajax.

I didn't mean literal return. Just giving kind of an overview of what to do. Your right, it would be an echo. Didn't know everything was going to be taken so literally.

[quote author="TheFuzzy0ne" date="1235185396"]I haven't used jQuery either, but I get the impression it's fast, and light, and provides you with the basic tools to do almost anything.[/quote]

jQuery is an awesome javascript framework. I've been using for a couple years now and it has saved tons of development time and added some cool things to various sites.

One example is this site [url="http://www.citrusmedia.com/projects/torontohotels/"]http://www.citrusmedia.com/projects/torontohotels/[/url] (this is an early version, very unfinished. the site moved to another server to finish development, but that server is down). The form on the left there is a little overboard, but it works pretty well. Custom dropdowns, date selection via calendar. Play around, add rooms, change the number of children in each room, this would've been a nightmare without jQuery.

Anyways, point is, I really dig jQuery and I think you should check it out. Very easy to use, tons of tutorials, plugins, etc for it.

That looks pretty cool. My only gripe with the form is that it assumes an adult will be present, I want to send my kid on his own so I can get some peace. Do they do one-way tickets? Tongue

How long did it take to come up with the logic to make it work, and do you think you could have done it without the jQuery?

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