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How do you use your CodeIgniter

I'm brand new to Codeigniter, however have been programming for years. I've gotten the hang of it right away, however i'm finding i'm still slow until i've learnt which functions to use when instead of writing code.

The real question is how does everyone use their codeigniter, For instance i'm using the html table class to display records from a database + a loop to add an extra column into the array with the links to the view/edit pages.

How do you create your view and edit pages. Do you create the page in dreamweaver or the like and then just insert the variables where needed.

Is there any special modules to create the forms from a database to update/insert.

Alot of frameworks include ways to create insert/update/delete pages easily

Other than that any trick people think would be good. I've gotten mine going quite happily with a header and footer view, so i can wrap the content in templates.


You seem to be on the right track, in terms of design I create [a|multiple] template(s) with a main section, similar to using a header and footer but in 1 page

depending upon what I'm building I will include areas for different modules (menu / notes to a logged in user / twitter updates / etc...)

From the sounds of it you're well on your way, just don't rush it, one of the nice aspects of Code Igniter is that it doesn't lock you into a set way of doing things, it is designed to help you build things your own way with a structured pattern ready to use that will get out of your way if you want,

if you are looking for time savers, check out the helpers in the user_guide, practice with a couple sites to get your feel for how CI does things and expand from there, most CI users end up with a collection of different parts that can be reused, it's mostly a matter of wrapping your mind around the MVC way of doing things

the forum is friendly, so feel free to ask specific questions you may have

That's some good advice

[a|multiple] Templates? is this an extra or is this using the template parser module.

I have found some plugins for generating the CRUD pages (Create,Read,Update,Delete)

Does anyone have any experience with these. Or are they a waste of time.

As for not rushing in, i've already started a project, and i've set a decent working draft by monday Wink nothing like deadlines to motivate you.

The MVC way of doing things is a good departure from the code i generally turn out, i've always done what i can to keep it clean, but php just has no seperation code to display, Makes some of the more advanced pages waaaay too long.

Maintaining code might even be a possibilty with this Big Grin Who know i might get motivated and actually document a project properly.


Check out Scaffolding in the User Manual.

CI scaffolding is deprecated you better check out a third party contribution that is still actively developed like CodeExtinguisher or IgnitedRecord.

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Don't use Rapyd either, that is very inflexible and while it may help you with the easy stuff you will be struggling when you want to try anything else.

for the moment i've just drawn the pages up in dreamweaver with the fields, and then done the rest manually with active record etc.

I was just looking for something to make very simple forms from the DB structure and create the pages. I don't mind modifying it to be better, just sooo much code for the really boring stuff.

Easy enough for now, just thought there may be something around.

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