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I am having the same issue. Can please let me know how you resolved this issue?

I am having a similar kind of problem. All my controllers work except for one controller "JsqAnalysts". When I try to access http://www.domain.com/jsqanalysts it gives 404 error. But everything else is working fine. This same link works fine on my local machine, it give problem when I uploaded it on the server Sad

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All my controllers work except for one controller "JsqAnalysts".

What happens if you follow the user guide (and have a controller named with upper-case first char, and everything else lower case)?

Well I tried that way as well. I mean tried to rename my controller and even I gave it a name "abc". It didn't worked. But then I thought this is not a controller problem this controller works fine on my local machine. Then I changed following line from my config.php file:

$config['uri_protocol'] = "REQUEST_URI"; //before it was AUTO

After changing this line, it starts working. Now I want to ask why this happened? This is the first time AUTO didn't worked for me Sad

Maybe you can try it like this:
class About extends Controller {
    function index() {
      $this->load->view('pridej_view', $data, true);
   function photo() {
      $this->load->view('photo_view', $data);




and change the uri_protocol to auto
Hope this help.


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