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can slow the speed of the redirct operation

hi every one
my problem is very simple but i cant solve it
i want to redirect to a certain page but the redirect operation go fast so the page which between the first page and the page which will the direct go to cant seen
i am using the code:
please help me.

I don't know if I understood you correctly, but have a look at: http://billstclair.com/html-redirect2.html

firstly thank you very much ,
bu in fact i will explain my problem more simply
i have three pages
page1 :which have a certain variable then this page go to the send page
page2:in this page i put the redirect code to the hired page
page Confusedimple normal page
the problem is when i press in the first page it go to the page very fast sow i cant feel with the seconed page or see it is content so i want it to be more slowly
finally i hope to understand me

Perhaps you'd like to share your code? It will help use see what's happening a bit better.

i will post my code:
the first page code:


index.php code:
echo "1";
echo "false";

and the false and true pages is a simple code

please help me
my problem is that in this example i cant see 1 which in the statement "echo '1';"
but it redirect to the true page directly
thanke for every one helped me and will help me

The whole point of Pete's post was to suggest you do the redirect from within the page itself, so it tells the browser to redirect after x seconds. I'd suggest you read the article again.

please put the article link to me and thank you for fast answer

All you have to do is scroll up...

It's in Pete's first post in this thread. http://ellislab.com/forums/viewthread/109421/#551708

thank you

i think u want to make it like Gmail rite redirecting from one page to another on particular action.u can use simple for loop for waiting... or may be use meta tag <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="5; URL=(name of html page)". if you are using multiple view then for loop is helpfully to you

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