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FCK Editor - limiting a users input


I'm looking into using FCK Editor for a forum I'm designing for a client. I can see that I can remove various toolbars and such, but is there any way I can pass those limitations into the editor itself, so that a user can't just paste an image?

I was thinking of just making the editor available to administrators, or simply stripping out input when it's submitted to the server, but I just wanted to check out my options first, in case there's an easier way to do it.


Don't allow source/code access then they only have the wysiwyg rendered output to work with. If they paste an image as a tag it will be escaped.

Nice one. Thanks!

That does not apply if they simply copy an image from somewhere on the net and paste it into the editor.
FCKEditor works similar to a true WYSIWYG where you can copy an image and paste without touching the HTML.

I think you will need to run a fairly simple preg_replace if you want to ensure no images are used.

Ah, OK. That's what I suspected. Thanks for your input.

simshaun you are right but to do so you have to grab the image and drag it to the fck editor.

If you simply right click and copy the image without highlighting it doesnt work, atleast in FireFox.

But, if you highlight it first and then copy/paste into fckeditor it works just fine, atleast for me. (Using Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V keys, not right click/copy image)

Browsers make it too easy to copy images Smile I still think it are methods for power users.

But to be on the safe side you could strip all the tags that can't be added by the editor.

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