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Webinar Site in CI?

Hey All,

Is there any way to develop "Webinar" Site in CI?


Hmmm :p let's see know or are learning CI so why not? I'm a bit astonished by the question (don't get me wrong), i mean with codeigniter anything is possible no? So I would say yes it's possible. Just as i'm ceating a webhosting system in CI.


That was my initial reaction, also. It's a bit like saying "is it possible to build a car". Well of course it is, the question is "how", and that's a very big question indeed. Perhaps you could break it down into smaller, more specific questions?

There are endless ways to create a webinar site, but the question how is up to you and the tools you have. As for the data feeding and html templating of the site CI is great. How you play with the media to get that working along with any interaction you need to build into it then need some javascript/ajax or flash help along the way??



You know one way to break things down easily is:

take a sheet of paper and not everything you think you need for the system, then search only for the other systems and see what you miss, try demos of the systems and note their mistakes so that you don't make them.

When all of that is finished, note the controllers and models you need, and try linking them together.

Make your database and begin coding the simplest thing of the website, you need to start somewhere so...

And last but not least use a very very simple template like the CI default to test everything before incorporate it in a design, if not you'll end up compromising with the design and the things "this is nice" and "this doesn't go so well"

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