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creating page fragments

hello again Wink
compliments first: the more i use CI the more i love it, its a wonderful framework and really speeds up coding.

tho, here is my question.
my controller 'user' got the following functions (search/list/add/edit/delete).
i guess the basic modes for a cms. there is a html template creating a basic table layout to sort all elements on the page ... just like this

<tr><td colspan="2">(header)</td></tr>
<tr><td colspan="2">(buttons - navigation for add/search/list ...)</td></tr>
  <td>(cms navigation - user, article, gallery ...)</td>
  <td>(content area - forms for editing, adding ...)</td>

i hope u got the idea of it. what i am missing now are the basic includes Wink back in old times before CI i just included my 2 navigations.
to use the same view i would pass a variable to the view and switch it in the content area.
tho id like to include the 2 navigations.

any ideas to make it the right way?

try this:
Embedding views within views which has a lot of nice discussions around it.

and this: View Library (Updated!) which looks like a good general way to solve this problem.


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