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Table 'abc' Has No Column Named 'xyz'

Hi all,

I am inserting some data into a SQLITE3 table, which works most of the time, as it ought. However, about half the time I receive a 'Database Error' which is 'Error Number: 1' and tells me that 'Table <example> has no column named <example_column>'.

It also gives me the full query that it is trying to run. Copying and pasting that sql query into sqlite runs the query perfectly.

Any ideas at all?

Thanks in advance,


It's really strange that it would be inconsistent. Is it a single database server, or a cluster? Is it possible that the connection is just failing part of the time? Maybe there's some sort of corruption that has happened to your table. I couldn't find must information about the error and I find it VERY strange that it gives you an error number '1'.

I have no experience with SQLITE and personally I would recommend switching to MySQL for a lack of SQLITE documentation. As to solving your problem, have you tried dropping the table and recreating it?

It sounds like the file might be locked when you're accessing it? I assume the query that screws up is an insert/update query?

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