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Using Code Ignitor in Drupal?

Yeah, would this be possible and if so what would be the approach? iframe everything, integrate seamlessly into drupal? tell me what ya think!

Why would you use CI with Drupal?

Drupal is its own framework I think (it would have to be to support a CMS of that size).

Well, I just want to build web forms and an a ui to manage that data quickly. Drupal's Form API is way to bloated to get anything done with.

Then I wouldn't even try integrating it with Drupal, just use it as a admin tool that you link to from the backend. That way you just build it like any normal CI app, use Drupals database schema, and insert an anchor link in the admin control panel of Drupal's template.

That is what I would do atleast.

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
Drupal's form API is far superior to anything currently offered by CI or any contributed libraries. Once you have you head around it, you'll be in love with it.

Your module has a function that defines a form; a function that validates the form; and a function that submits the form. These are the "model". Your hook_menu() implementation is the "controller". And theme_your_form_id() is the "view". Have you tried the Form API quick-start guide?

You could also implement CI's libraries as modules, and possible even the whole (or most of the) CI system, but I don't really see what that affords you. Drupal is plenty capable as a framework, you just have to be comfortable with its aspect-oriented implementation.

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