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Generate Table from DB Query - Newbie question

Hi. Newbie here (let me know if I'm doing things right or wrong on this forum).

For a given rental order I need to display a list of associated rental items. Three classes (tables) are modeled as follows:

rental_items(item_id, item_desc, mfr_pn, mfr_sn)
rental_orders(order_id, customer, salesman)
rental_orms(orm_id, order_id, item_id)

The index() of the default rentals.php controller puts all the records from 'rental_orders' in data['pending'] and sends it to the summary.php view for use as $pending.

class Rentals extends Controller {

    function Rentals()

    function index()
        $this->load->view('summary', $data);

    function pending( $order=0 )
        // get the requested pending rental order (gets a single record)
        $data['pending']=$this->db->get_where('rental_orders', array('order_id =' => $order));
        // get all the records from 'rental_orms' that have order_id=$order.  
        // this builds the list of item_id records to fetch from the 'rental_items' table
        $data['orms']=$this->db->get_where('rental_orms', array('order_id =' => $order));
        // calculate the list of rental items to display on the pending rental order page
        foreach( $data['orms']->result_array() as $itemq )
            $data['items']=$this->db->get_where('rental_items', array('item_id =' => $itemq['item_id']));
        $this->load->view('pending', $data);

When the requested url is
the value 2 is passed to the method called pending() in the rentals.php controller. The method pending() queries 'rental_orms' to retrieve all records having the user-selected order_id. The resulting records are stored in data['orms'].

Now my problem is here. Instead of generating the table of records from 'rental_orms', I want to generate a table of records from 'rental_items', based on the same list of returned item_id values from the previous query of 'rental_orms'.

In my pending.php view (not shown) $items only contains the last expected record. In my controller code above, how do I make data['items'] include all the records before my call to the pending.php view??

Thanks for any advice.

Sean Loving

Welcome to the CodeIgniter forums.

If I understand you correctly, this is what you need:
$data['items'][]=$this->db->get_where('rental_items', array('item_id =' => $itemq['item_id']));

The way it's done currently, it overwrites the $data['items'] variable. By appending a set of empty square brackets, $data['items'] is treated as an array, and the new database result is pushed onto the end of that array.

Hope this helps.

Yes that helps, thanks.
Seems like I'm still learning the difference between objects and arrays, and in CI I'm trying to understand when to use result() and result_array(). I saw the post on "num_rows() always showing 0", but I think OO might be my problem. I will explore in another post...

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