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Forum prototype - Constructive criticism requested.

I've changed my mind again Sad

I've just been reading about ORM, or rather datamapper for CodeIgniter, and it's really given me a lot to think about - http://stensi.com/datamapper/pages/gettingstarted.html.

How cool is that?!

That does look pretty cool, Will definatly look into it a bit more
The only problem is, I'm already a fair bit into my current project... do I want to scrap a large part of it and try it out with DM?

[quote author="Dam1an" date="1242417232"]do I want to scrap a large part of it and try it out with DM?[/quote]

It depends on how much you think DataMapper offers you. In any case, it's still work having a play about with.

I've built most of my app, apart from what could potentially be the largest part (the forum), and every time I get started, something like DataMapper presents itself. What I really like about it, is that it's ideal to cope with customisation and it actively encourages better database design.

Granted, the user will need to look into ORM in order to extend the code, but I don't think is a bad thing. Essentially, the end user will only be customizing views and adding functionality. I doubt they'd need to mess about with the database structure, and even if they did, it doesn't matter anyway.

I know this thread is over two years old but it still came up when I googled "building forum codeigniter" so I reckon more people are running into it. I've been pondering over the idea of whether or not to use an ORM library for a CI forum myself, because I'm a bit worried about the overhead. Anyway, I just found this excellent tutorial which demonstrates how to build a basic forum with CodeIgniter and Doctrine (ORM). It's a lengthy read but I suggest not writing a single line of forum code before you've red it Wink I think I'll go with Doctrine!


EDIT: Ahem, nevermind. This tutorial was written for CI < 2 and Doctrine < 2. Apparently 2 and up require an entirely different approach altogether. I'm not sure to what degree this tutorial is now irrelevant, but perhaps we can still use some of its concepts.

Joel Verhagen wrote this tutorial on making CI 2 and Doctrine 2 play well together:

Good luck, any and all.

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