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scopes within CI

So if in one of my libraries i call $this->CI->inventory = $this->getInv($username)

so far so good.. now i can work with $this->inventory in my views, but when i try to call it in my controllers I get "Message: Undefined property: CI_Loader::$inventory"

How do i taret ci->inventory from within a controller? Do i set the instance to a variable in my constructor, and then act like i'm in one of my libraries?

likewise when i set $this->something in a controller its not accessible in a view... I know the problem here is my syntax and how I'm pointing to the objects, but I'm not sure how to solve it.

i also notice the variable is disappearing on a new server request....

in class User i have a function called setInv($user_id), when called it sets $this->inv to a db query result array...

Now if someone clicks the column title i want it to send to '/inventory/sort/'.$field.'/'.$order
and i want the sort method to sort $this->inventory then just return the view...

I'm having a hard time getting scope to work the way i want to, any help is appreciated

It might help us a bit more if you could post some of your code, and perhaps comment on where the unexpected behaviour is.

Well i no longer have the code, I solved the problem with a different method, which has brough me to a different problem:

but the issue was that I wanted to sort a db query without having to run the query again, so i tried to set the results to $this->results, then load the view and display $this->results..
(as opposed to $data['results'] = $results; $this->load->view('view', $data)Wink

this way I could keep the result set and sort it by redirecting to the sort method in my controller, which would simply sort $this->results and reaload the view..

I think my problem is that ci gives me the impression of a static environment, but in reality I lose that information on the new server request to the sort method.

i did solve this with sending the results directly to the view with the load view function, but like i said above it has led to a new problem of my css disappearing when theres more than 4 uri segments (though everything works fine).

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