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SOLVED - FORM VAL / SESSION, more than one error page two errors out??


I have a multi-page form, the controller code is below. Upon success your taken to page two. The problem is if a user makes an error more than once, then the site errors out, and I can not get a successful screen again. In many cases the entire site is down for a period of time, or if I open another browser, I can run through again unless error more than once, then same issue; i'm thinking it might have something to do with how I am handling sessions.. code below your input is gre

I could really use a hand figuring this out if you have any idea.

First we assign dealer to set template skin, then default page.
function device($dealer = '999', $page = 'personal_information')
        // start benchmarking
        # Load stuff
        $this->load->helper(array('form'));                    // load helpers
        $this->load->library('form_validation');            // load libraries    
        $this->form_validation->set_error_delimiters('<pre class="alert">', '</pre>');
        $this->load->model('dealer_model','dealer');        // load dealer
        $this->load->model('suw_model', 'suw');                // load suw
        $this->load->model('common_model', 'common');        // load common
        $this->lang->load('suw_main');                        // load language
        # Set dealer params
        $this->dealer->set_dealer($dealer);        // passes db info to dealer model for processing
        $this->load->model('Trimtrac_model', 'trimtrac');    
            case "personal_information":
            case "plan_information":
        // end benchmarking

If not errors we add data to a session then proceed to page 2
function page_one()
        // Set langauge for error messages

        // Validation Check: rules are managed in the config/form_validation.php file
        if ($this->form_validation->run('device') == FALSE)
            // Build the page
            $page = 'page_one';
            $data['css'] = $this->common->set_css();
            $data['nav'] = $this->suw->navigation($page);
            $data['round_start'] = $this->common->round_start();
            $ctyarr = array();
            $cdata = $this->suw->country_generator($this->dealer->countries,$this->lang->lang());
            $ctyarr['countries'] = $cdata;
            $data['content']    =    $this->load->view('device_one',$ctyarr, TRUE);
            $data['sidebar'] = "Side bar here";
            $data['round_end'] = $this->common->round_end();
            $data['footer'] = "Footer";
            $data['google'] = $this->load->view('google','', TRUE);
            // write to template
            $this->template->write('title', '');
            $this->template->write('css', $data['css']);
            $this->template->write('nav', $data['nav']);
            $this->template->write('round_start', $data['round_start']);
            $this->template->write('content', $data['content']);
            $this->template->write('sidebar', $data['sidebar']);
            $this->template->write('round_end', $data['round_end']);
            $this->template->write('footer', $data['footer']);
            $this->template->write('google', $data['google']);
            // render page
            // make sure session is empty
            // build session
            $session = array(
                        'country' => $this->input->post('country'),
                        'MSISDN' => $this->input->post('MSISDN'),
                        'UNITID' => $this->input->post('UNITID'),
                        'FirstName' => $this->input->post('FirstName'),
                        'LastName' => $this->input->post('LastName'),
                        'M_COMP' => $this->input->post('M_COMP'),
                        'MC_vatnr' => $this->input->post('MC_vatnr'),
                        'StreetShipAddress1' => $this->input->post('StreetShipAddress1'),
                        'CityShip' => $this->input->post('CityShip'),
                        'postcode' => $this->input->post('postcode'),
                        'email' => $this->input->post('email'),
                        'vemail' => $this->input->post('vemail'),
                        'password' => $this->input->post('password'),
                        'vpassword' => $this->input->post('vpassword'),
                        'cartId' => $this->input->post('cartId'),
                        'vcartId' => $this->input->post('vcartId'),
                        'terms' => $this->input->post('terms')
            // write to session
            // redirect to page two
            redirect('shop/device/'.$this->dealer->dealer.'/plan_information', 'refresh');

First post was too long, here is the code handling page two so far, not much.
function page_two()
        // Build the page
        $page = 'page_two';
        $data['css']         = $this->common->set_css();
        $data['nav']         = $this->suw->navigation($page);
        $data['round_start']= $this->common->round_start();
        $data['content']    =    $this->load->view('device_two');
        $data['sidebar']     = "Side bar here";
        $data['round_end']     = $this->common->round_end();
        $data['footer']     = "Ouch!  This is my foot...er";
        $data['google']     = $this->load->view('google','', TRUE);
        // write to template
        $this->template->write('title', 'Welcome Page Two');
        $this->template->write('css', $data['css']);
        $this->template->write('nav', $data['nav']);
        $this->template->write('round_start', $data['round_start']);
        $this->template->write('content', $data['content']);
        $this->template->write('sidebar', $data['sidebar']);
        $this->template->write('round_end', $data['round_end']);
        $this->template->write('footer', $data['footer']);
        $this->template->write('google', $data['google']);
        // render page
        print('Page duce');

[eluser]The Wizard[/eluser]
if i have to use 2 validations or another custom validation and
the check fails (even if the correct required value is entered) i add
a bogus rule with a field that does not exists so the validation fails
OR i reload the form.

maybe that is what you want?

@herrkaleun any chance you could provide an example, not entirely following the logic. thank you

[eluser]The Wizard[/eluser]
$city_id         = $this->input->post ('city_id');
                $country_code     = $this->input->post ('country_code');
                if ( $this->model_user->Custom_City_Check( $country_code, $city_id ) == FALSE )
                    $_POST['city_id'] = '-1';
                    //$this->form_validation->set_rules( 'dummy',         '',         'required' );

                //TODO: language
                $this->form_validation->set_rules( 'name',                 'Name',         'required|min_length[3]|max_length[32]' );
                $this->form_validation->set_rules( 'city_id',             'City ID',         'required|is_natural' );
                $this->form_validation->set_rules( 'work',                 'Work',         'required' );
                $this->form_validation->set_rules( 'country_code',         'Country',         'required' );
                    birthday ile ilgili seyler.
                $this->form_validation->set_rules( 'birthday_d',         'birthday_d', '' );
                $this->form_validation->set_rules( 'birthday_m',         'birthday_m', '' );
                $this->form_validation->set_rules( 'birthday_y',          'birthday_y',        'required' );

                switch ( $this->form_validation->run() )

                    case FALSE :

                        $data['values']['name']             = set_value( 'name' );
                        $data['values']['city_id']          = set_value( 'city_id' );
                        $data['values']['work']             = set_value( 'work' );
                        $data['values']['birthday_d'] = $this->model_user->Dropdown_date ( 'birthday_d', set_value( 'birthday_d' ), 'day', FALSE );
                        $data['values']['birthday_m'] = $this->model_user->Dropdown_date ( 'birthday_m', set_value( 'birthday_m' ), 'month', FALSE );
                        $data['values']['birthday_y'] = $this->model_user->Dropdown_date ( 'birthday_y', set_value( 'birthday_y' ), 'year', FALSE );

                        $data['values']['country_code']     = set_value( 'country_code' );

                        $this->load->view( $data['theme_folder_vault'] . 'master-user-set_info.php', $data );


                    case TRUE:

                        /* this can be replaced with foreach code for POST and propper element names */
                        $data_post['name']              = $this->input->post ('name');
                        $data_post['city_id']           = $this->input->post ('city_id');
                        $data_post['work']              = $this->input->post ('work');
                        $data_post['country_code']      = $this->input->post ('country_code');

                        //FIX for WRONG CITY/COUNTRY BUG
                        $city_id         = $this->input->post ('city_id');
                        $country_code     = $this->input->post ('country_code');
                        if ( $this->model_user->Custom_City_Check( $country_code, $city_id ) == FALSE )
                            $data_post['city_id'] = -1;

                        $data_post['birthday']     = set_value( 'birthday_y' ) .'-'. set_value( 'birthday_m' ) .'-'. set_value( 'birthday_d' ) ;

                        // echo '<pre>';
                        // print_r( $data_post );
                        // echo '</pre>';
                        // die();                  

                        $user_id = $this->model_user->Session_UserID();

                        $info_result = $this->model_user->User_SetUserInfo( $user_id, $data_post );

                        redirect ( 'user/settings/success' );


                        die ( 'error - ftw? ');


look at the dummy line

[eluser]The Wizard[/eluser]
btw, ive made a workarround where i change the value of the post array to a value, where it does not
fit into the validation, so the validation automatically fails.

I've narrowed it down to a redirect problem
$redirect = ''.$this->lang->lang.'/shop/device/'.$this->dealer->dealer.'/plan';
            log_message('debug',  'REDIRECT :'.$redirect.'');

Looks all goofy because I've been trying to break it down to the error. it appears the /plan part of theURI is not being passed! I see it in the log

Quote:REDIRECT :en/shop/device/999/plan

Any thoughts?

Deja vu - http://ellislab.com/forums/viewthread/113414/

I don't get it. Is it solved? If so, please could you mention how you did it?

@TheFuzzyOne Hey man knew you were on the board somewhere, the two issues ran together, couldn't figure it out for a while but finally it came to me from the heavens above!! Smile

I'll post the solution in the redirect thread as that is more relevant.

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