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Plain Ajax or Iframe and Ajax for CMS administration interface

[eluser]Stefan :: cleverleap.com[/eluser]

I am struggling about one thing. Should I use plain AJAX interface for my CMS administration side or combine iframe and ajax. The case is that the iframe would bring support for back button. You can try demo of the CMS I am working on at http://demo.typevista.com and enter the administration. I consider to put iframe where the menu and content items are displayed on the right side. Now it is plain Ajax.

My opinion is that people are used to hitting the back button while browsing normal pages, but are also used to not being able to hit the back button while using web software. Maybe that's just me as a power user, I'm not sure what the average user experiences. Lots of users these days though use webmail, or other web based software in which the idea of hitting the back button doesn't really make sense.

I'd say you do whatever you think works better. I don't completely understand how it would work though, as hitting the back button will not undo any database changes that may have been made.

I think iframes are a pain with regards to using the back button. Google Mail seem to have it sussed, though. The back button works beautifully in GMail, and they use IFrames. I'm sure this can be fixed if you do a redirect on the IFrame when it's done it's business. That should prevent any data being submitted more than once, and might help keep the IFrame in sync with the main window.

If you want to use back button with AJAX then take a look at this jQuery plugin: http://www.asual.com/jquery/address/

I've just come across it on the "This Week in jQuery, Vol 6" blog post Smile.

But ya, the only thing you need to use an iframe for in AJAX is if you are doing any kind of file uploading and that can all be taken care of with the jQuery Form Plugin.

Best Regards,

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