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New project released with CodeIgniter

Hi folks,

thanks to CodeIgniter and to your precious help / time on the forum I was able to create a multimedia CMS for the European Court of Human Rights :

I really enjoyed working with that framework, as it easy to start with, and as the community is very active.

It's the first time I have build a CMS from scratch, and the help (user guide, forum, haughins' videos) were very usefull.

Please continue maintaning this !

Now I have started a new project with CI !


Yann Lorber

[eluser]Yorick Peterse[/eluser]
It looks very nice, great job Smile

Very nice site Smile
Whats your new project going to be?

Thanks guys!

I have been working in collab with www.Actweb.fr (they did webdesign + flash bits).

Now I am redesigning / recoding the website of an Aerospace Research and Technology Center (current site http://www.ctae.org) by providing them with a custom CMS to edit their pages, because they had JOOMLA on their site (since 4 years) and they find it to complex to use. (I agree)

[eluser]Thorpe Obazee[/eluser]
I hope it's something open source Smile


well... you didn't explcitly say no, which means yes Smile

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Good stuff. I am quite impressed with your site too. Your "my-work" code would make a lovely "portfolio" module for PyroCMS. Would you be interested in providing or allowing integration?

Well my website is based on WORDPRESS unfortunately for you guys.
I use wordpress tags for 'technologies used' and wordpress categories for 'Project categories'

I had in mind to create a plugin to manage the "Worked With" section but for the moment i just have a seperate Table in my DB.

Also I wanted to create a Template to give out for free, for freelancers... but as always time goes by and I have barely time to live, so... Smile

... but I'm sure it's feasible with PyroCMS or CodeIgniter without too much difficulties.

DB :
- Table Work ( id, title, attached media, related_technologies, related_workmates, categories, ... )
- ...

Controlers :
- project_categories
- technologies

Views :
- Lists
- Single-Element

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