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Session data keeps changing

I have a very strange problem that involves sessions.
Here's the code:

the controller
function deleteImage()
      //generates a random string      
      $data['uuid'] = uuid();
      //sets the radom string generated above in the session array
      $this->session->set_userdata('uuid', $data['uuid']);
      //loads the html      
      $this->load->view('content', $data);

between the above and the below, sit a view file and a javascript file, which contain the the image file name and respectively make a request to another controller function(see below) with the file name. The $data['uuid'] value from above is also sent in the request via the POST method.

the ajax function
function imageDelete()
      //if the uuid stored in the session and the uuid send via ajax are different, exit
      if ($this->session->userdata('uuid') != $this->input->post('uuid'))
            echo "Your request is not valid.";
      //try to delete the image and send result back to browser
      if (!unlink($path.$this->input->post('thumbnail')))
            $data['error'] = "Error while deleting image.";
            $data['msg'] = "Image was deleted.";

      echo json_encode($data);

As you see, I am using a random generated number which I store in the session and also in the html page and than send via POST. The receiving function checks to see if the random number in the session is the same with the one sent via POST. This is to prevent unauthorized access to the image delete function.

All works well. The image is deleted and the ok message is sent back to the browser via ajax. Only one problem though: after the ok message is displayed via ajax, the uuid value in the session changes, so another request to the ajax function will not be allowed.

I have looked at the code over and over again, but I cannot figure it out why the value in the session changes. Please help!

[eluser]Thorpe Obazee[/eluser]
you could try to echo stuff as you are passing info and figure out where it is changing. you could also post the uuid function and the view.

The problem is fixed. It seems that the loading gif which was displayed before the ajax call was initiated had a relative path which caused the same controller to be loaded again. This, in turn, caused the uuid function to be called again and it's value assigned to the session. So, before the ajax callback script was accessing the session, it was already changed.

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