Can we call one controller function in other controll fucntion

Why is it in the second example you don't mind having 'info' but don't want it in the first one?
If you just add those few extra characters, it'll be so easy

means sir can u explain what u r trying to say me,

Thanks for giving me time.

The second example URl you have

have the name of the function you want in it
So why can't you have

You're not even adding any extra characters to the URL, just changing the underscore to a forward slash

Smilei know but client dont want / this
this is my problem Smile

But they don't mind the other forward slashes?
Could you not have
or would that not work?

Actually, you would need regex, as :any would also match the underscore (I think)

oh really read me regex

$route['(en|sp|por|pol|chn)/auction/(:any)/(:any)'] = 'auction/info/$2/$3';

can u write url route for this sir


thanks a lot sir
i fixed my problem i just rout one line code that will be apply on all controller and its function

$route['(en|sp|por|pol|chn)/(:any)_(:any)/(:any)/(:any)'] = '$2/$3/$4/$5';

if u think there is some issue plz let me know , i think its work fine

Thanks again

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