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Documentation improvements

At my current position we have one Idea that clients (not devs) must get as less as its possible details. Most clients doesn't care of the specifications of the products they get.

With this idea we can think for CI Documentation. New Developers should see that CI is really easy to use Framework. 
I think that we need 2 levels of information in the Documentation::
  • 1st lvl will be main pages (for each Lib/Helper/etc..) - as Library/Form_validation where we will list the base Information about FormValidation class so it can be useful for all new developers or as quick help for anyone who needs to see something. There shouldn't be any too detailed information.
  • 2nd lvl will be detail pages - as Library/Form_validation/Rules , Library/Form_validation/Rules/is_unique - where developers who are aware of CI can see detailed information of behaviour and possible options of the element.. 
Simple for the new devs and Advanced for real usage..
In many cases Docs are the most important presentation of a product.
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(11-17-2014, 08:28 PM)includebeer Wrote: ... It needs a complete description of all parameters, return value and multiple code example for all functions....

I strongly agree with this.  I want to see the full usage of a function with examples of each possible permutation.
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Remember: Obfuscation is a bad thing.
Clarity is desirable over Brevity every time.

Suggested improvements to the user guide can always be submitted as pull requests, for instance addressing the callback functions or the Input class.

Adding comments to the user guide, like on php.net, won't happen, as the user guide is built from restructured text files and not "grown" like a wiki.

Having two levels of documentation is what we are striving for, with the "how to" sections and then the "class reference", for a given library. A bunch of work has gone into that, in preparation for version 3, but you are always welcome to propose more improvements!
James Parry
Project Lead

I didn't know that. Thank you!

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