Kohana - is it worth it?

i just found out about the KOHANA framework
was told it is based in CodeIgniter

...but what worthwhile advantage/s (if any) does it has?

Im very excited about CodeIgniter

... but am also confused now

CideIgniter vs Kohana

please advise


You would probably get a better answer if you ask this question on the Kohana forums.

I'm sticking with CodeIgniter

It has better documentation, tutorials, and admin/peer support

Therefore ....

Better that which can be easier to master (faster)
than that which looks difficult to learn (slower)

Besides, people here are more helpful

Case Closed

Kohana was originally a community fork where they wanted to have complete control over its general direction, instead of being maintained by Ellislab
I've looked into it before, but like you said, the community and documentation for CI are so much better (by several orders of magnitude)

[eluser]Bjørn Børresen[/eluser]
One advantage with Kohana is that it's PHP5 only.

- bjorn

if a web host only has php 5 -- will CI still be able to work in that server?

[eluser]Bjørn Børresen[/eluser]
Yes, that's no problem. CI works on both PHP4 and PHP5. Kohana only works with PHP5.

For many of us, PHP5 only would be a preferred working environment because of more object oriented development.

- bjorn

Stick with Codeigniter. Much more "guided" and robust framework. I am running my site with 35,000 registered users on PHP5 and switched to CI about a month ago. CI documentation, Large community, knowledgeable and dedicated support saved my a** a number of time when I was stuck. I have looked into Kohana vs CI before deciding on a framework and CI won by a large margin. Benefit of large CI community also means u don't need to wait days for a solution.

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
I appreciate what the Kohana guys are doing, but I think CI will be the more mature framework in the long run.

[eluser]Thorpe Obazee[/eluser]
[quote author="bjornbjorn" date="1243175116"]One advantage with Kohana is that it's PHP5 only.

- bjorn[/quote]

That's not true with everyone.

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