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When did you get into Codeigniter?

since 1.7.2

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....
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I started using CI just after 1.7.2 was officially released.

I coded for Wodepress, Joomla, and core php before that. After a while i started getting frustrated with those dev patterns and decided it was time to move into a framework. I tried several frameworks before settling on CI, like: Zend, Symphony, CakePHP, and a couple others. I did not like working with those frameworks. Then i found CI and it was so easy to work with that i never looked back.

OFC, over time i continued looking at other frameworks out of curiosity but nothing i found caught my fancy. So here i am, a few years later and still working with CI. Smile
"I reject your reality and substitute my own" - Adam Savage, M5 Inc.

After having way too many "custom" classes and hundreds of "custom" functions. I fell in love with CodeIgniter 1.6.3 because of it's MVC. Suddenly my code went from giant blobs of code and HTML to something with structure! I have been using it ever since.

I have tried a number of other frameworks including a few micro frameworks + composer libs etc...
I have learned a lot from messing around with the other frameworks and libraries only to bring what I have learned back into my own CodeIgniter applications. (composer, libraries, ideas, etc...)

I first used CI back in 2008 after being introduced by a friend I was working on a development project with. Since then I've never looked back and have been using CI for all of my 'from scratch' projects.

Web development was always a hobby and then became a career for a couple of years, now I'm back in education and completely steering away from web development due to newly found interests. However I am still working on some small personal projects I have planned in my spare time.

I never was a bit poster on the previous forums on fact I would class myself more as an observer but hoping to change that now.

As there's no introduction forum I guess I will take this opportunity to say hello to a few of you.
Jamie Bond
Full time International Development undergraduate.
Part time website developer.

Almost 3 years ago, I started a new job at San Diego State University which put me into the position of completely overhauling the website for the College of Business Administration. My previous web development experience was almost completely built around the Microsoft ecosystem (Visual Basic, server-side JavaScript in classic ASP, C#), but I was fortunate enough to have a broader client-server and desktop development background, some recent mobile experience (which lead me to switch to Mac OS X for my personal computer use), and a background in producing standards-compliant code even when using Microsoft's tools. I was also familiar with MVC from my last C# project and my Objective-C projects for iOS.

PHP was one of the items on the list of requirements I was given (in part because it was already widely used on campus), and fortunately I had some limited prior experience with the language (and enough past experience with learning new languages that it wasn't a major issue). I also determined that I had to use tools which were available on all 3 major platforms, so I wouldn't be stuck with anything that would only work on Windows or OS X (a good thing, too, since I've switched to Linux for my primary development machine at work). I stumbled into CodeIgniter and Bonfire when I was evaluating frameworks and liked the blend of features and flexibility the two gave me. Too many of the other frameworks available at the time appeared to dictate things I didn't think I would be able to change, like database structure (this probably wasn't the case for most of them, but it wasn't easy to tell in the time I had to evaluate frameworks).

As it stands today, I've really only built one website with CI, but I've been actively developing it or working on content on it for almost 3 years. http://cbaweb.sdsu.edu turned out to be a massive project combining over 20 existing websites and provided a number of development challenges. I'm deeply grateful to Lonnie and everyone who has ever contributed to Bonfire and CodeIgniter for providing projects which have been the foundation of my work here, and for accepting (or critiquing, as the case may be) my contributions back to those projects.

I was here when CI was just approaching v1.0 ... Pleased to see this community's mood of development returns.

i worked mainly with CMSs, namely Joomla and later Wordpress. Did a couple of things for e-commerce too. Lots of payment integrations for a score of platforms. Then i had to do work on a pure-PHP website. And a complicated one. The code was already messy to start with and it became worse as you extended it. A ton of files, all very confusing and hard to maintain. Then i said to myself: i need a framework. Codeigniter won me over the documentation. Been using it for over two years now.

I started with CodeIgniter about a year ago. Despite several websites that said development of CI had stopped and therefore declared it "dead". Versie 3.X is a great new impuls. I love the framework for its speed and logic.

Since 2009.

Integrated with Fpdf.

Then integrated with xajax.

Never looked back.

Created systems for intranet and internet the likes of School Systems encompassing Billing, Collection, Reservation and Academic Records for Primary, Seconday and College and Short Courses; Cable Systems Billing and Collection integrated with SMS Server and Android Phones; Tutorial / Learning systems; Billing and Collection interfaced with Salesforce, Paypal or Authorize; etc.

Database is either MySql or PostgreSQL.

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