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Matchbox still alive - or at least usable?

I want to extend my CI a little and found "Matchbox".

Then I saw that the code is in "beta" for 1.6 and all the posted issues are not answered or commented in GoogleCode.

So is MatchBox still alive, is there an alternative under active development and is it still usable for future releases of CI?

If not I wont use it as it wouldnt make sense to build apps on dead utilities :-)

Thanks for your answers.

[eluser]Tom Schlick[/eluser]
im wondering the same thing? it is easy to use and has so much potential.

The other alternative is HMVC
It seems to pop up on the forums a lot, not sure about if it's still actively developed, as I don't use/follow it

[eluser]Thorpe Obazee[/eluser]
I think PyroCMS is using Matchbox(looking that it's included in github) so it's probably still usable.

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Matchbox still works perfectly fine and I have seen no issues since the last few releases.

Zack has been very busy with school and other commitments over the last few weeks/months so has not been developing anywhere near as much. I see him online now and then and if I spot a bug he normally sorts it out quick enough.

If he gets to a point where he can no longer support Matchbox, I will maintain it in the time being. Im sure he'll be happy to give me access to the SVN repo on Google for those purposes.

Have no fear, Matchbox isn't going anywhere ;-)

is there a fix for Matchbox on CI-1.7.1 ? i cannot use it thats why im still in 1.7.0.
I want the feature in latest CI that you can group your related classes in a folder under $app/libraries/folder_here/

If you do it with Matchbox, it's broken.


[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
That will be a modification to the Loader library that needs to be applied to the MY_Loader in Matchbox. Let me take a look.

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Ok half way there, Loader::_ci_load_class() is patched, just trying to get _ci_init_class() working.

Problem is I cant view a diff of the file with what I have available at work. Can anybody send a patch file of system/libraries/Loader.php for the latest 1.7.1 tag? Doing it by eye is rubbish.

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
This is now working perfectly fine.

Replacement Loader.php

I'll get in touch with Zack and get this put into the Google Code SVN repo.

@phil, Thanks for providing this.

Could you explain why this method provides a $module parameter when it is not used by the subsequent library method.
//line 61
    function module_library($module, $library = '', $params = null)    {        
        return $this->library($library, $params, $module);    
//line 229
    function library($library = '', $params = NULL) {

The same applies to all the other Matchbox module_ methods.

Also there does not seem to be provision for the other library alias parameter as per CI 1.7.1

From viewing the Matchbox library further I see now that all methods use debug_backtrace() to obtain the $module value from the passed in arguments rather than use the value directly.

This seems terribly inefficient coding and it is confusing at first glance. I'm sure it will be improved during the next update.

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