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CMS development ideas

Hi all,

I've recently developed a CMS with CodeIgniter and I'm currently using it to build all of my sites. It's got to the stage where bits are tacked on here and there, and I'm thinking about redesigning it from the ground up.

Currently each CMS module has an entry in the database and a controller that deals with it. Modules include things like Pages, Templates, Posts etc. Each controller is subclassed from a CRUD class, which handles all the methods like add, edit, view, list all etc.

Each CMS controller gives a paginated table view of entries, then each edit / add view is generated automatically from the database. I.e the Pages model has a table called pages, this is then used to generate all the pages of the site.

What this means is that each module has a specific entry in the database modules table, a table of it's own, and an associated model and controller. (The views are the same for all modules).

I'm just wondering what peoples thoughts are on how they would go about designing a CMS with CI. I like the object model of Elgg, and am thinking about going down a similar route with my redesign.

I'd be interested to hear peoples thoughts and ideas on this.


Would you be so kind as to post a link to an existing working setup of your current CMS?

OK, I decided to go with my original plan and rewrite everything so it's based on objects instead of the typical MVC approach.

Basically this means I do away with the modules and related tables in the database, and everthing gets done in code and sub-classed.

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