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Modular Separation - PHP5 (Modules)

I have created a set of module library extensions which provide the modular separation part of the Modular Extensions HMVC libraries, without the HMVC component.

Modular Separation now runs on the same code base as Modular Extensions - HMVC and is available via my bitbucket repository.


Check it out, to use Modular Separation only, simply do not include the MX/Controller file.

Feedback is appreciated.

[eluser]Johan André[/eluser]
What exactly does this do?
What is the difference between this and Modular Extensions HMVC?

Hi Johan,

Modular Separation allows you to use modules for code organization in your application while only using a single controller per request. (no HMVC)

It works the same way as Zach's Matchbox, But is much faster in execution and does the job without using additional module_xxxx() calls.

Modules now comply with CI 1.7.2 also, Controllers in sub-directories are supported and resources may be cross loaded from other modules.

You should be able to take any CodeIgniter application and place it into a module and it should work without alteration. However routes might need altering to allow for the added separation of a module.

Modular Separation - PHP5 version 1.01 is attached to this post. As usual any feedback is appreciated.

deprecated file removed

hi wiredesignz,

i did a quick test for this, use Modular Separation 1.1 running on fresh CI 1.7.1 installed. Seems {elapsed_time} doesn't work.


Modular Separation - PHP5 version 1.02 is attached to this post.

Fixed MY_Loader bug when loading or reloading libraries.

@Dhanova, I cannot reproduce your {elapsed_time} problem.

deprecated file removed

wiredesignz: this sounds very cool, can't wait to test it out. Thanks!

This is my steps:
- extract a fresh CI 1.7.1 (or 1.7.2) to local server and change the base url to respect my installation dir
- hit a base url:

- output: welcome message with correct elapsed time (eg. Page rendered in 0.0157 seconds)

- extract a fresh Modular Separation 11 (or 12) and put MY_Loader.php and MY_Router.php in application/libraries
- hit a base url:

- output: welcome message with incorrect elapsed time (at the bottom: Page rendered in {elapsed_time} seconds)

Did anyone have a same problem with me?

Modular Separation - PHP5 version 1.03 is attached to this post.

deprecated file removed

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
I like this so far, it seems to require a LOT less code to get it working nicely.

Does it support modular language files? I can't spot anything in the code that suggests it would.

Also, I see no reason for database(), helpers(), models(), plugins() or _ci_assign_to_models() to be in MY_Loader as they are no different to the parent class.

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