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Picasa PWU api

Has anyone used the Picasa web uploader api with codeignitor? Or at all? I can't seem to get any post data from it, therefore can't upload photos.

[eluser]Patricio Gallardo[/eluser]
Did you find something? i'm starting to search.Please let me know. Thanks.

No I never had enough time to complete anything...

[eluser]Patricio Gallardo[/eluser]
Ok. I'm creating one with Zend libraries. I've found it very easy to use.
Anyway, Thanks for the reply!

I got it interacting, but I never get anything in my $_FILES to do the upload, not sure what happens, could be CI removing something.. I might try outside of CI to see if I can get it to work one day.

[eluser]Patricio Gallardo[/eluser]
You have to use the file upload class, read it here http://ellislab.com/codeigniter/user-gui...ading.html.
Then, once you have uploaded your image to your site, you send it to picasa using Zend libraries.
I hope it helps.

Kinda difficult to perform an upload when there is not $_FILES data to process - Do you have this working then, PWU and CI?

[eluser]Patricio Gallardo[/eluser]
Yes, of course, the link i gave you is how to make an upload in CI. The thing is that for security reasons you can't access to $_* server vars, they are wrapped by CI. So you have to use their Classes, libraries and helpers. Check out the CI docs, its well explained.

Are we talking about the same thing, from Picasa application to your own web applicaiton/website? The link you have given me is for standard CI uploading, I've done that with no issues and also use a java applet calling it as well. I want to get Picasa application from a PC to upload direct to my website.

[eluser]Patricio Gallardo[/eluser]
Lol!, No, i was talking about uploading photos to picasaweb from my site!
Sorry about that!
Anyway its a good idea what you are talking about... when i get home i'll take a look!

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