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Hosts that --&gt;ACTIVELY SUPPORT<-- Codeigniter



--&gt;This would help a LOT of people who are just starting with Codeigniter<--

Do you know of any hosts that ACTIVELY SUPPORT Codeigniter?



1. Have written detailed step-by-step instructions that describe EXACTLY what settings are required to get CI running on THEIR SERVERS.


2. Have several VERY, VERY SIMPLE sample CI applications that actually RUN on their servers.

Have detailed step-by-step instructions on how to get these sample CI applications running on THEIR SERVERS.


3. Have a COMMENTS AREA under these detailed step-by-step instructions, so that people who were trying to follow their instructions could post exactly what steps they tried to do, and exactly what happened---and then the host (or other readers) could respond to these problems--and get them resolved.


--&gt;This would help a LOT of people who are just starting with Codeigniter<--

This would greatly increase the size of the Codeigniter Community.


Do you know of any hosts that do this right now?

Do you know of any hosts that might be willing to do this?


I designing websites about people helping others, helping the enviroment,and helping themselves.


Thanks for your help!


[eluser]Johan André[/eluser]
Any server that is using PHP 4 or PHP 5 will work. Most of the servers are Apache, which is fine.
Sometimes on a shared host, if safemode is ON, you will have a problem.

You can't expect the providers to have detailed instructions regarding CI.
It's a framework (not a CMS), and there are hundreds of frameworks out there.

I've used alot of hosts and they all worked fine.
The trick is, as with development in general, to choose a quality service.
Often it comes down to not choosing the cheapest one, as it (almost) always tends to be of lower quality.
You don't need to choose the most expensive one either.

Go for one that has the right price, has been in buisness a while and have a good support.

Good luck!

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
I set up a site for this a while back but dropped it as the interest was just not there.

I run a few cloud servers that are cheap as hell and would be more than happy to support any CI related issues for people on the server.

The domain was serverofdoom.co.uk. I can set it back up if anybody cares.

I've heard to stay away from godaddy as many people have problems with codeigniter on their servers.

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