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allowing $_GET for one page

Is it possible to make a config file for just one page to allow $_GET?
I am using a prebuilt bit of software for a calendar and want to use get for that page. Is that possible?

any good?

That seems to be a more general way for the whole app.
I am trying to limit it to one page.
As it is there may be to many urls on the page tat will need rewriting.
I am trying to find the easiest way. Right now leaning towards getting session variables from outside the app.
Thanks anyway

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
That snipplr hook is pointless because you can achieve that by correctly modifying your config file. However, you could use that function to reset $_GET on the "one page" that needs it.

You could use the $_REQUEST array. All POST values and all GET values are combined in this array. CodeIgniter (as far as I know) does not destroy the $_REQUEST array.

For example if you are passing name on your URL as:


Your code can get the value by using:

if (isset($_REQUEST['name']))
    // your logic here...


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