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Paypal Website Payments pro! o_0

Hey guys, I seem to have run into a brick wall.
I am working on a website that sells hosting and domains. It was outsourced to another web development team originally, then handed to me when the company I'm working for decided to hire a developer full time.

The scenario is, someone buys a domain name and chooses a hosting package for 12 months, with recurring payments every month. You cant put a subscription and a product in the same cart with the normal Paypal system, you have to use the Website Payments Pro system (a developer from paypal confirmed this). Keeping all the items in one transaction is a must, because the whole idea of the site is simplicity setting up a website.

My problem is the system I was handed is built around php4 and cannot run on a php5 server because of the way the hosting company's API is made, But all the classes I have looked for that help me use the website payments pro need php5! I'm not sure if paypals payments pro requires php5 to be integrated, the documentation is really vague and I just couldnt get my head around it, nor could I find any useful guides.

Essentially all I am looking for is adding a domain and a monthly recurring payment in a single transaction. If anyone has used Website Payments Pro or has been in a similar situation and found a solution, I would be extremely grateful for your help! The deadline is the end of next week so I have a bit of time left.

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