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I have a page that generates almost 3 000 queries in 8 seconds without caching on and in 22 seconds with caching on. Isn't this supposed to be the other way arround?

[eluser]Derek Allard[/eluser]
3000 queries? Yikes, you aren't messing around. Is that for testing purposes or do you really need that many queries for your page to run?

Sounds like you've just hit a point of diminishing returns - there is always a bottle-neck somewhere, although without knowing more, I'm forced to question your data structure that 3000 queries would be required.

Yep...I'm building a report maker that's playin with many many factors. I start with 10 "big boys" and split them into small pieces just to eliminate the load and to avoid timeouts but at the end, when my functions actually analize all the data in huge loops, It stays some time so I've decided to pre-cache the queries before building the report in order to help that controller function and make it work with already cached queries but all I get is an extra 10 secs.

Anyways, my next step is to make an ajax chain and split that report maker in 10 - 15 functions in order to call them individually and really avoid any bads but I was just wondering why. I guess that, at this amount, mysql is indeed faster than reading all those cached files over and over again...I don't know, curious of ur opinion

[eluser]Derek Allard[/eluser]
Yeah, I think that your system just can't input/output as quick as MySQL under that type of load. Wicked fast for a couple dozen, but a couple thousand... not so much Wink

Tell me about it....and I just finished it to analize 3 parameters out of 20 or so. I will have to do some chaining or I'm lost ... Smile)

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