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Problem to load array since the controller to view

In my application is not possible load one array since the controller to views.
How is possible if another arrays in controller's function can be loaded?

This is my controllerSadMY_Controller is new controller make for me, it work fine, the Controller.php make for code Igniter exist too en library)

class Reporte extends MY_Controller
function __construct()
$this->load->model('ReporteModel', 'model');
function ReporteGeneral(){

$data2['array_inv2'] = $this->model->get('v_estudiantes_invitados2_cant');
$data2['array_inv1'] = $this->model->get('v_estudiantes_invitados1_cant');
$data2['array_no_inv'] = $this->model->get('v_estudiantes_sin_invitados_cant');
$data2['array_facultad'] = $this->model->get('v_sin_reservar_cant');
$data2['total_facultad'] = $this->model->get('v_total_por_facultad');
$data2['sin_invitados'] = $this->model->get('v_sin_invitados_fac_cant');
$data['view_estudiantes_con_inv'] = $this->load->view("pages/reporte/estudiantes_con_invitados",$data2,true);
$data['array'] = $this->model->get('v_familiar_punto_recogida_cant');
$this->template['content'] = $this->load->view('pages/reporte/general', $data,true);

My view: general


Messaje error:
A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined variable: sin_invitados

What is the error? The another arrays (array_inv2,array_inv1...)are detected in the view.
The unique no detected is thisConfusedin_invitados

The data that is passed to your view does not contain a key called 'sin_invitidos' and therefore is inaccessible by the general view. $sin_invitidos is only accessible in $data2 which is passed to the 'estudiantes_con_invitados' view. If you want $sin_invitidos to be availible to the general view it must be a key in the array ($data) passed to the general view.

Thanks for respond my post, but look my controller, you see the sentences:

$data2[’sin_invitados’] = $this->model->get(’v_sin_invitados_fac_cant’);
$data[’view_estudiantes_con_inv’] = $this->load->view("pages/reporte/estudiantes_con_invitados",$data2,true); .
$this->template[’content’] = $this->load->view(’pages/reporte/general’, $data,true);

The array $data2 is passed. With this explanation, I'm hope that you can help me
to solve the problem.

I'm think that it is a possible bug of Code Igniter. What is your opinion?

No.. you're not passing $data2 to the general template. All you are passing through is a value called $view_estudiantes_con_inv while contains the output generated by


Values in $data2 are local to the 'estudiantes_con_invitados' template and values in $data are local to the 'general' template. At no point are you making the values in $data2 available to 'general', you're only making the output of the view that uses it available.

Its not a bug of CI.. its a problem with your understanding of the way views work.

But the another arrays (Example:$data2[’array_inv2’],$data2[’array_inv1’]) used yes passed to general

The array data2 is passed to the view estudiantes_con_invitados, but this view is inside in the view general.

The another arrays in the function of the controller, can passed to the view, only the array $data2[’sin_invitados’] Can not pass.

Excuse me for the english, my native language is the spanish.


the function called for the class model ($this->model->get('’v_sin_invitados_fac_cant')), return one array; this array is save in another array in the controller: $data2,
$data2 is passed to the view in the sentences:

$data[’view_estudiantes_con_inv’] = $this->load->view("pages/reporte/estudiantes_con_invitados",$data2,true);

and the array $data is passed to view general in the sentences

$this->template[’content’] = $this->load->view(’pages/reporte/general’, $data,true);
Then show the view with the function $this->render();
this ultimate function is make in the controller MY_Vontroller make for me. This work fine, are test in another application.

No.. you dont pass anything from $data2 to general.. all you pass is the html generated using $data2 in 'estudiantes_con_invitados' as a new variable called $view_estudiantes_con_inv to the general view.

You have the reason, to the view general, do not pass the array $data2, is the html, but to make the html, I'm paasing the array $data2 to the view in this sentences.

$data[’view_estudiantes_con_inv’] = $this->load->view("pages/reporte/estudiantes_con_invitados",$data2,true); .

The html is here: $data[’view_estudiantes_con_inv’], but to the view "estudiantes_con_invitados" no pass the data of
$data2['sin_invitados'], however, the another data can pass to the view estudiantes_con_invitados (Example can pass:$data2[’array_facultad’], $data2[’array_no_inv’]). All this arrays are present in the same array $data2, include the array $data2['sin_invitados'] where is present the problem.

Then, How pass the array $data2['in_invitados'] to the view "estudiantes_con_invitados"?

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