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Google do not want to index all pages


I am having problem with CI in relation to positioning the site. Google do not want to index all pages and stops on the home page... Sad

I checked to see if the site works okay in a text browser and it does. All links are ok.

I generated generated a sitemap on http://www.xml-sitemaps.com, and it only lists a handful of pages. This sitemap works in the same way as a spider which tells me that there is something either in the framework of the website or in the htaccess file that is stopping the website being crawled by search engine spiders.

Does anyone know what might be a problem?


Anyone can help please?

[quote author="geogis" date="1248292017"]Anyone can help please?[/quote]
Have you opened an account with Google.com/webmaster/tools/ ?

I submitted several sitemaps to Google, the last was a zipped file submitted May 11th 2009 with 1,215 entries. I just checked the webmaster tools site and Google has only indexed 337 URL's.

If you manage to find out how to get your sitemap indexed then please let me know your secret.

Have you tried MSN, Yahoo, etc?

[eluser]Jay Logan[/eluser]
Make sure all your pages are linking to each other. Meaning you should be able to view every page of your site by simply clicking through links - preferably not too deep.

Also remember that it takes time for Google to crawl and index all your pages. I have a site with over 90,000 pages that I put online in April 2009. So far, Google has indexed 18,800 pages. It only take 2 clicks to get to any of my 90,000 pages.


I did opened google webmaster tools account and submited the sitemap as well... the same story... I have hundreds of pages in it but Google indexed only 268 pages. Let's say its just a matter of time but I cannot understand why spiders do not want to go deeper into my site. Everything is linked correctly (you can access everything simply by clicking links).

Any other thoughts? Ideas?


Google dosn't index everything on everysite. If your site becomes more popular then it will index more. Sadly other than improving page ranking there isn't much you can do.

1. Get more backlinks to your website, some of them need to be "deep" links (not just domain.com but domain.com/pages/how-to-tie-a-tie.html )
2. Make sure you have H1, H2 tags on each page appropriate for each subject on the page.
3. META tag keywords should not contain words that do not appear in the text of that page.

These are a few of the things I do. I do SEO for a living.. "TRYING" to learn CI.. Tongue

Also, Google doesn't give you 100% of what they have indexed.


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